Software architecture is about change.

Without architecture, changes are almost impossible... If you don't believe what we are saying or fully disagree, please don't call us and slowly die in excrutiating pain, but if this rings a bell, it's time to read what's next.

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Architecture for a junior developer is a topic that should be part of your every day training and work. We tend to underestimate it and that's a major mistake. A good architecture enabled us to deliver faster and to reinforce the business requirements.



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Axa does not compromise on architecture. It's a major topic and they have dedicated persons for it. Their suppliers need to be compliant with the defined architectures if they want to avoid huge penalties!


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Software architecture is about handling change. The faster you detect failures, the faster you will fix them and the lower your risk will be . A good software architecture will make your code simple.


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CTO SB Software is a startit@KBC backed company. We are increasing our services and value proposition for mobile projects specific market.




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Find here what we think, read, like about software architecture and other quality topics.

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Technical and Architectural Debt

Few days ago, I read a very interesting article from John Brondum and Liming Zhu: Visualising Architectural Dependencies. Its title is all about visualising architectural dependencies, but its introduction is amazingly interesting (the rest is too, but it is more technical). First it will give you a very strong definition of what technical debt is: “Technical debt has been used as […] a metaphor in situations where compromises are made for short term gains, at the expense of the longer-term viability of a […] system.

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Horizontal and Vertical in software architecture

As the image above suggests: I like to use DDD to give some verticality to the app and design patterns to give some horizontallity to the app. You potentially use design patterns every day as a software engineer (or at least I hope for you). In mobile development the star patterns are actually MVVM-C (in iOS world) and MVP (in Android world). You can find few other examples in this good book: https://www.

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Developers: Be proud to fail

The concept of failing is generally not something you should be proud of, but in fact in IT development this is something you should consider as positive. Let me explain why. First let’s define what it means to fail. Failing in our case as nothing to do with creating bugs, failing is about detecting potential mistakes in advance and blocking the delivery process. For example, you fail when you can not compile, you fail when your unit tests fail, you fail when your PR is not validated, you fail when your metrics are not compliant, you fail when your CI tells you it can not build, you fail when your CD can not deploy.

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François is a freelance software developer. He specialises in iOS and Android programming since 2012 and has worn many hats in various technologies. Don’t get him started on Smalltalk or Rust, you might regret it.

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Fred is a freelance iOS developer since the first iPhone SDK. In previous lifes, he used to be a math teacher and a Flash developer (shrug). He has worked with clients of all sizes, sometimes in solo, integrated into an internal team or with an agency. He has three kids, one cat and two chicken.

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