Your Software Architecture always visible.

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Mobile App

Focus on mobile apps to provide sharp and relevant information about your code. Swift support today. Android and JS are coming soon.

Simple structure


Your app internals are now visible. Think of a 10,000 feet overview. You can refactor with confidence when you know the impact of your changes.

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Architecture compliance

Describe your architecture, mototomo will tell you in a glance where you do not respect it. Your ViewControllers in your MVVM-C app will never talk directly to a model.

One-click install

Install the app from the Github marketplace and you're good to go. Nothing to configure on your machine. Bitbucket and Gitlab integrations are coming soon.


Your managers and tech leaders will understand why a given change is hard to implement. No more communication issue about technical debt anymore.


We can install mototomo on your infrastructure. No cloud, just your servers.

Mototomo is currently in private beta

Register your email adress to get in the next batch. Don't worry, your email adress will not be used for anything else than mototomo.

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