Software architecture is about change.

See your architecture like never before! Look at your code with a 10000 feet point of view, interact with your architecture in few clicks. Make a diff between 2 commits, detect architectural violations, plan refactoring, integrate in your CI and many more things all in one place.

Visualise and explore your code in few seconds.

Learn how our visualisation tool is working in 2 minutes with this quick video. Open/Close a node, focus on a specific group, on a link, on a class, filter with regular expressions, etc.


See and show the hidden structure behind your code!

Ever wonder how is the structure of your code? Well that’s a good reflex because this structure is generally hidden and getting a visual image of it is a very good starting point before eventually fixing it. More than 80% of us are visual people, which means that we are driven by what we see. Not only will you have a concrete view of your code, but you will be able to share it with others and even with people that can not read your code like managers or sales reps. Yes, they are also allowed to understand what you are doing or why what you are doing is difficult. Seeing your code is also a way to share it.


Software architecture is a competitive advantage!

In our recent survey, 47% of the respondents said that, for them, Software architecture is a competitive advantage and 45% of them that it is a cost reducer. Why that? because technical debt (the debt resulting from a compromise between quality and deadline - see here) represents generally 10% to 30% of the time of a developer. Imagine that you can reduce it to only 5%. How to do that? Use Software Architecture and do not compromise with it. You could say that it will increase your delivery time. Probably yes, at the beginning, but on a middle and long term, it will increase it and, cherry on the cake, you will make your developers happy, proud of themselves and stay in your company.

Architecture for a junior developer is a topic that should be part of your every day training and work. We tend to underestimate it and that's a major mistake. A good architecture enabled us to deliver faster and to reinforce the business requirements.



iOS Team

Axa does not compromise on architecture. It's a major topic and they have dedicated persons for it. Their suppliers need to be compliant with the defined architectures if they want to avoid huge penalties!


Axa Webcenter

Tribe Distrib

Software architecture is about handling change. The faster you detect failures, the faster you will fix them and the lower your risk will be . A good software architecture will make your code simple.


Peter de Cuyper

CTO SB Software is a startit@KBC backed company. We are increasing our services and value proposition for mobile projects specific market.




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Find here what we think, read, like about software architecture and other quality topics.

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What is a .mttm_config?

A .mttm_config is a file that you put at the root of the directory. It will tell us what we need to analyse and how we need to analyse it. But Let’s have a precise look at what it does. General structure The .mttm_config file needs to be exactly name this way and, as said, it needs to be a the root of your directory. We will auto-detect it. It follows a json structure (if this structure is not conform, we will emeit a warning in our log system - currently you will not see it.

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Technical and Architectural Debt

Few days ago, I read a very interesting article from John Brondum and Liming Zhu: Visualising Architectural Dependencies. Its title is all about visualising architectural dependencies, but its introduction is amazingly interesting (the rest is too, but it is more technical). First it will give you a very strong definition of what technical debt is: “Technical debt has been used as […] a metaphor in situations where compromises are made for short term gains, at the expense of the longer-term viability of a […] system.

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Horizontal and Vertical in software architecture

As the image above suggests: I like to use DDD to give some verticality to the app and design patterns to give some horizontallity to the app. You potentially use design patterns every day as a software engineer (or at least I hope for you). In mobile development the star patterns are actually MVVM-C (in iOS world) and MVP (in Android world). You can find few other examples in this good book: https://www.

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